Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 47: Feliz Día de los Padres!!!!


I´m not actually sure if Father´s Day is the same there as it is here, but if not...Well, happy Mexican Father´s Day!

First of all, the worldly news: There was an earthquake here! 7.7, so it wasn´t that strong and didn´t cause any damage, but I felt my first earthquake in my life! [I looked online and the news said it was a 6.9 magnitude.] It was at 2:30 am, and I didn´t know what to do! It was crazy. I can now die in peace, because I know how it feels for the very EARTH beneath you to shake. It´s pretty crazy.

Also, I tried the long-awaited cicin! Or in other words......ANTS!!!!! They´re crunchy, and HUGE, and taste like peanuts. I also ate them with hot chocolate and cookies....an interesting mix.

Cicin! These ants are HUGE.
 Anyways, this was a pretty cool week! H blessed the sacrament again, and then afterwards we saw him paying his tithing! That was pretty AWESOME. And then after church yesterday he went to Guatemala to visit his family, especially so that he could visit the graves of his grandparents to investigate his family history!!! YAAYYY!!!

We saw a bunch of miracles this week, and I felt like the Spirit was really just guiding us. We have been looking for a LONG time for this one family: the mom is a member and her husband and two kids aren´t members. We had planned to visit them one day at about 7, but they weren´t there. They live pretty far out in our area, so we were pretty disappointed. So we went to visit the bishop and talk about some stuff, and after that we passed the house of the family (family P) and they still weren´t there. So we were leaving, heading out for the main street to take the combi back to the house, when I realized that I had forgotten my umbrella in the house of the bishop! We thought briefly about leaving it there, but not having an umbrella right now in Tapachula is like leaving a lung behind. So we went back for it. When we were going to the house of the bishop, the family was still not there. We asked for the umbrella, and left, and completely forgot to even check if the family was there! But then I heard, like, whistling or something, and we turn around to see that the P family was there, arriving JUST as we were leaving the house of the bishop!!!!! I mean, the timing was PERFECT!!! So then we talked with the family, and they are SUPER excited to get baptized, especially the kids! I´m SO excited for this family! It was pretty cool to see how the Lord works in mysterious ways, even with a forgotten umbrella :D

Look for the Lord´s hand in everything! It makes any day miraculous! :D

Love you lots!

Hermana Owens

This one lady has an alligator hung up on her wall. It´s pretty intense.
Zonas Tapachula México (mine) and Tapachula Izapa (not mine)!

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