Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 41: Feliz Día de Las Madres! (10 May and 14 May)

Hola, mi familia!

I hope that you´re not going TOO crazy that my emails haven´t been that great lately, but I'm trying to be a little better with sending personal emails. An hour just doesn´t really permit too much detail! 

But, this was a really awesome week! I think I´ve mentioned H here, but he´s this really incredible investigator we have. We haven´t even taught him repentance yet, or at least really, really clearly, but he understands that it´s not just stopping doing a sin, but that it´s these changes we do in our lives to be closer to God, that it´s reading our scriptures every day and praying always and going to church. He´s AWESOME. He´s set for 27 May for baptism, so pray for him lots that everything will go well so that he can do it!

This week the rains started! It hasn´t been EVERY day, so the season still isn´t quite here, but this Tuesday or Wednesday it just POURED. The water reached midcalf, and so when I was walking literally my entire skirt was soaked! It was super fun :D

I´ve been really learning about repentance lately. It´s incredible to see in the Book of Mormon everything that it teaches about what we have to do to change to be more like Christ! Always read the Book of Mormon!

Love you lots! See you Sunday! [On Mother's Day we get to talk to her via Skype! One of the two times a year (Mother's Day and Christmas Day) that we get to see her!]

Hermana Owens

Happy Mother´s Day! This was in a literal MOUNTAIN of mother´s day cakes :)

 There was an activity this Friday for Mother´s Day
and one of the acts was this.
It was kind of weird, but those are the youth of 5 de Febrero!
We had exchanges this week!
I worked with Hna Gomez here in Cinco!
It was really fun
(but Hna Tovar and I were also very happy to see each other again :D)

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Week 40: Noche de Talentos!

Hola, mi familia!

This was a really super awesome week! First of all, we had an activity Saturday, called "One day in the mission" with the kids of primary, and so we went to visit people with little kids and it was super fun! They then had a talent show, which was basically my favorite thing in the world. These dances are literally my favorite.

A traditional Mexican dance "los Viejitos" (or, "the little old people").
They just walk around slowly to the music,
beating their staffs against the ground in time to the music.
I enjoyed it a lot :D 

"El torro Mambo" 
I really like how everyone cheers. I love everything about this :) especially the last bull. 
Sorry about the quality of the video... 

On another note, we had a super awesome lesson with an investigator that came for the second time to church this Sunday! We haven´t had the opportunity to teach him very much about Joseph Smith or the restoration, but we asked him if he believes that he was a prophet and other questions about the Book of Mormon, and he was just like, "yeah, I believe it´s true." He´s obviously studied, and prayed, and believes for himself that it´s true. He´s really really awesome.

Love you lots!

Hermana Owens

Another awkward selfie :)

Hno Luis, an investigator, and the next hit band....