Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Week 39: Photos! [Halfway Through Her Mission!]


I really don´t have time to write but we went to the ruins of Izapa where there´s this rock that has an image of the tree of life. There are a bunch of plaques with information about them so I took pictures of them, too, but I think I´ll show them after the mission. We went with a family from the ward, so they are the kids in the photos :D

[Some information I looked up in Wikipedia: Izapa is a very large pre-Columbian archaeological site located in the Mexican state of Chiapas. The settlement at Izapa extended over 1.4 miles, making it the largest site in Chiapas. The site reached its apogee between 850 BCE and 100 BCE; several archaeologists have theorized that Izapa may have been settled as early as 1500 BCE. Izapa remained occupied until approximately 1200 CE.]

I have received some letters! Actually, Sister Perryman, Aunt Kaylene, and Aunt Karen sent me some that arrived this week from Christmas....I don´t know what happened with Sister Perryman´s card, but there are some holes in it... [Only 5 months after Christmas! I'm guessing we need to send cards right about now to have them arrive by this coming Christmas -- if they arrive at all!]

Oh, I also had a really cool realization this week in my study! I was reading when Abinadi is teaching, and he talks about the commandments, and it hit me that the commandment is "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain," and we always think about that meaning that we can´t swear, but we also promise that we will take upon ourselves the name of Christ in baptism, so it also means that we can´t be baptized in vain! Like, when we make this covenant, we´re promising to represent him, and so we have to always work to keep that covenant! It was cool. ☺ Now I´m trying to read all the commandments according to the higher law of the gospel, not the law of Moses, and I guess anything that you think of....

But it was a really awesome week!

Love you lots!

Hermana Owens

"Anything the light touches..."

Walking up the ruins
Muy serias [very serious]
Missionaries! And future missionary. All with our backpacks :D

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Week 38: Happy Easter!

Hola, familia!

Sorry for writing late, but there was a baptism of a boy here in the ward at 4:30 so we couldn´t write until now. But here we are!

This was a really awesome week :D We were able to visit a less active lady, she hasn´t come in a long time, but she expressed how she really wanted to return to the church, and she went to church this Sunday and went to the baptism!

One day this week Hna Tovar told me that she had prayed that we would be rejected a whole bunch today, and I was just like "what?" But she prayed so that we would be rejected by the people that wouldn´t be willing to make a change in their lives, and only the people that really want to accept the gospel would accept our invitation. And it was incredible! There were a lot of people that just did NOT want to hear us, but then there were some really AWESOME people that we met this day.

This week in our zone conference we talked a lot about goals, and how a goal is the end, what we want to accomplish, and a plan is HOW we´re going to accomplish it. I´m going to be working on the guitar for one goal this coming month! One investigator we have, Luis, is a music teacher and he´s going to teach us some stuff :D

We have interviews with Pres George this week! They´ve made a change to interviews to every exchange and I´m really happy about that :D [They used to have them every other exchange.]

We had a really awesome experience: we went to visit a lady, but only her mom was there. She´s probably about 90 and can´t talk, but every time you shake her hand she always brings it to her forehead. It´s a really sweet thing, like she´s kissing your hand because she can´t talk with you or greet you any other way. I´ve always really liked her, and so we decided to sing "Sweet Hour of Prayer" for her. It was so incredible. As we were singing, she just sat there and smiled, and I just felt so strongly that maybe she wasn´t able to or wouldn’t have the chance to accept the gospel here in this life, but that after this life she would be jumping on the chance to accept it. I just felt that she was really happy to be there with us.

This week I was studying about how to be a consecrated missionary, not just a good missionary, and it says that we have to leave behind pride, and give our all, and focus on the atonement. It was interesting, but if we are humble, we will repent. I already knew that, but I guess I hadn´t thought so much that when we keep with a sin, we keep with it because we´re prideful and don´t want to accept the gift of the Atonement in our lives. but if we repent, we´re humbling ourselves and the Lord will accept all that we do. It was a really neat realization.

Hope you´re all well and had an awesome Easter! Remember the Prince of Peace!

Love, Hermana Owens

[I asked her how much they walk.]

Generally, in total we probably walk about three hours, but sometimes there are the days when all the visits fall through. The other day we only sat down to eat! My legs hurt after that day...

[I also asked her if they had seen many big bugs.]

We see a LOT of cockroaches. But generally big bugs, not really.

[I asked if the cockroaches were in their apartments.] 

Yeah, sometimes. They fumigated recently, but just a really (I don´t remember the word) light? fumigation. Like it worked, for about a month, and then the ants and cockroaches all came back....

This is the hermana. I still don´t know her name, but she´s really, really, really special.
I don´t know if you can see it....

...but a witch got stuck in a tree?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Week 37: The Miracles of Fasting!

Hola, mi familia!

We had a really awesome week! I read your email, and I guess I can pretty safely say that I´m very happy 😀 [Vance asked her how she was doing.] It´s just pretty cool to feel like what you´re saying, with your companion, really is just being guided by the Spirit. Like, when you leave a lesson and you just can´t say anything more than "wow" because you just KNOW that what you both were saying really was you teaching by the Spirit. It´s really awesome.

I´m gonna miss Hna Tovar a LOT. I feel like we´re super in sync, and not just in lessons, we just have a super similar sense of humor. We´ve made a pact that we HAVE to stay in contact. Also, she´s going to wait to get married until at least February 😀

If you remember, we fasted the last week that we would have a whole bunch of investigators in the conference, but we ended up only having two. But, we felt this incredible comfort that we WOULD receive the blessings of our fast during the week, if not the way that we thought or hoped. But one of the investigators that went, he´s the reference of an hno that just came here from Honduras about a month ago and he accepted a baptismal date in the second visit! He´s really interested, and excited! It´s really cool teaching people that just really want to know if this is the truth.

Also, this Sunday, a young woman in the ward invited a friend to the church, and so after church we went to the house of the young woman, to talk with her friend. She had some questions about what everything was, about some of the testimonies, and about baptism! It was awesome, because we only chatted with her for about twenty minutes, but by the end, she´s accepted to be baptized 6 May! Like, she is just so prepared!

I´ve felt really grateful this week to think about Easter. There´s a video, "the Atonement and Missionary Work" that´s SUPER powerful. I just love what Elder Holland says, that really every time we are rejected by people, we´re really shoulder to shoulder with Him. This is just an incredible time, when we can remember what He did for us. I was thinking about what an incredible month April is! We have general conference, we have Easter, we have fast Sunday....really, it´s just an awesome month, spiritually. I´m just really grateful for the knowledge of the Atonement, and that I can continue gaining my testimony of Him through the Book of Mormon. Always keep reading!

Love you lots :)

Hermana Owens

I´m sorry, I don´t really have many exciting pictures for this week,
so here´s an iguana that we found on our way to a lesson!
Us with Hna R and Hno R with some lemons O.o 

Us with lemons. We really just don´t have pictures this week......

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week 36: Hola!


Well, of course watching general conference was AWESOME. Hna Tovar and I were planning on watching a session or two in English, just so we could listen to their voices, but then we ended up not....but I understood everything! Yay!

I really liked the talk from S Mark Palmer, that he wanted to teach his missionaries obedience, but then he realized that the way to teach was to love them, and then you can teach them. "Love should not be conditional upon the fulfilling of your own goals for somebody else." I really liked that :D

It was transfer week, but Hna Tovar and I are staying together! We´re pretty excited!

We had a pretty cool experience this week: a lady has been going to church like for 3 weeks now, but every time we´ve asked her where she lives, she hasn´t been able to tell us, or has given us the direction wrong, but this week we finally found her! She´s 47, and she´s wanted to get baptized since she was 10! But her parents wouldn´t give her permission, so she left home when she was 17, but then there has just been obstacle after obstacle for her to get baptized. But it was really cool, because I felt like I should promise her that if she read her Libro de Mormón every day, and prayed, and went to church every Sunday, she would be able to overcome every obstacle and get baptize April 29. I really feel like she can do it, if she really works for it! I´m really excited for her :D

We also fasted this Friday that all of the people that we invited to Conference would be able to come, but in the end only two people came! but it´s actually kind of cool, because I feel like, well, maybe we didn´t have a lot of people come, but we´re going to see the blessings of our fast this week, so I´ll let you know what we see next Monday :D

Love you all lots! Hermana Owens

Makin' pancakes!
The evolution of the pancake:
 from really, really terrible to really delicious because we put chocolate in :D 
Zona Tapachula México!
The new best friend and a change....
let´s see who notes it :D
[Hint: Look very, very closely at her previously non-pierced ears.]